Skype introduces Screen Sharing. You will share the phone’s screen content during video calling

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Videoconferencing is the basic function of almost all popular smart phone communicators, so Microsoft must look for new ways to make Skype stand out from the competition. The company has just announced the Screen Sharing function.

Screen Sharing will let you share what’s happening on your phone’s screen

Thanks to the new feature, during a video call, just click the Screen Sharing button so that the person on the other side – instead of the caller’s face – can see the contents of the screen of the smartphone.

In a press release, Microsoft argues that the new feature can be used to show collaborators presentations in PowerPoine, make purchases online with friends or … joint browsing dating sites. No more lonely browsing Tinder – that’s what we needed.

To this list I would add the possibility of remote help in solving problems with the phone. So prepare yourself for a wave of connections from aunts who do not know how to change the bell.

Screen Sharing will go to the Android and iOS app

To put it more precisely, the Screen Sharing function can be used now, but it is reserved for Skype Insider members.

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If you want to try the test version of Skype, click here. If you do not want to, you have to be patient and wait until the new function goes to the final version of the program.

Skype will gain a small advantage over competing messengers
I do not know about you, but I have stopped using Skype for a long time. I rarely make video calls, and if I already have private connections, I see no reason to use anything other than Messenger, which has a much larger user base. In the editorial office, we use the Microsoft Teams platform.

Sharing the screen is, however, something that is useful, and for some reason is available mainly in business messengers, and non-consumers like Messenger or WhatsApp. For those users who do not use Skype on a daily basis, Microsoft gives a good reason to launch it from time to time.

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