Firefox will receive a built-in ProtonVPN service

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In an era of privacy issues, Mozilla is doing everything to go against the tide.

In June that year, we wrote about Proton Mail creating its own VPN service. Now Mozilla has decided to use it and plans to try ProtonVPN as a built-in service for its browser. If the tests are successful, we can expect this feature in future versions of Firefox.

We haven’t received any details so far, but Sören Hentzschel’s report says ProtonVPN will not be a free service. Firefox users would pay $ 10 a month for access to a VPN. Purchasing access would be suggested when connecting to unsecured websites or using an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

This is interesting because ProtonVPN offers customers four VPN plans:

Free – limited speed, access to 3 locations, limited to 1 device, free
Basic – access to all locations, limited to 2 devices, 5 $ / month or 48 $ / year
Plus – access to all locations, uses Tor servers, limited to 5 devices, 10 $ / month or 96 $ / year
Visionary – access to all locations, uses Tor servers, limited to 10 devices, Proton Mail Visionary package, 30 $ / month or 288 $ / year

As you can see, the service is available for free, as well as for $ 4 or $ 8 a month with an annual subscription. We don’t know what options the Firefox version has to offer, but if we don’t really have any package choices, the service is unlikely to attract many fans. Opera offers its own free VPN in this respect.

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Service tests have already begun in the US, and testers will be selected by Mozilla. You will not be able to register your participation.

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