What is a VPN and what is it for?

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Several times we mentioned VPN networks on various occasions. For those who are still slightly lost and do not quite feel the need to be interested in the topic at all, we created this text. We hope that after getting to know it, it will be easier for you to assess whether there is any sense in testing such a solution.

What is VPN?

The shortcut itself develops in the Virtual Private Network. The virtual word in this case means the opposite of the physical word, and hence that there are no cables that allow connections within it. Everything happens in space. The private term refers to the fact that access to such a network is limited and moderated. This is to increase the security of such a network. In the end, its users are supposed to feel protected when exchanging files or working together.

Thanks to this, it is not only a good way to browse the pages with a regional block, but also to protect the surf while using free Wi-Fi.

Detail about how the VPN works

Detail about how the VPN works

Have you noticed that recently many websites have an address that starts with HTTPS, instead of an earlier HTTP? This is because the new protocol also encrypts your connection to the website. Thanks to this, no one will suspect your login details or credit card number. The VPN is similar. However, the VPN does this in a way called tunneling.

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Normally when you connect, for example with the citizensplatform.net website, you send a lot of packages from your computer, which are to reach the server on which mode is standing. Tunneling captures all these packages, encrypts them and puts them in a new package each time. This can be compared to creating an archive file (zip, rar, 7z). The server then unpacks these packages. Anyone who intercepts them in the process will receive encrypted data and will not be able to easily assess what you wanted to do.

What can you do with a VPN?

As VPN hides from other users, from the currently used network, everything we do, we can freely check mail or even account balance. If we connect to the appropriate VPN, we can bypass regional blockades or censorship. However, one by one.

First of all, the use of Wi-Fi in parks, cafes and airports is discouraged. The fact that it is free means that someone will be happy to watch you. By connecting to the VPN, we prevent it completely. If you are going abroad and you would like to continue using local services, it may be necessary to connect to the VPN from your country, so that the parties would still think that you have not left the country. In case you are traveling to a country with Internet censorship, this solution will allow you to get around it.

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If you have all your files in your home or company network, you can access them from anywhere on the planet via VPN. Also at the moment when you download files you are more secure against all kinds of spyware. VPN will prevent your tracking, and hence will make the malware stupid.

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The benefits of using VPN are huge and are gaining momentum. It is not only increasing your own safety, but also the convenience and full access to your resources around the world. Here you will find the current list of the best VPN networks.

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