Apple iOS 13. The iPhone lock vulnerability allows access to contacts

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IOS 13 has just been presented, and it already shows a serious deficiency. The hole allows you to bypass the lock screen and access your contacts. This is not the first error of this type on the lock screen. There were many similar examples in the past.

The channel's videosdebarraquito channel reportedly discovered a vulnerability on the iOS 13 test release on July 17. It was also then reported by Apple. It is not the first time Jose Rodriguez finds this type of retardation. In iOS 12.1, the case was similar.

iPhone 11 and older threatened after upgrade

The vulnerability can be exploited by activating FaceTime connections. Later, we gain access to the Siri teacher to allow viewing the contact list. This is a simple way to view phone numbers, e-mails, addresses, and other information stored on contacts.

The operation of the vulnerability has been tested on the iPhone X model. However, all indications are that both iPhone 11 and other new phones will be vulnerable to such a vulnerable security hole. Rodriguez reports that iOS 13.1 is free from defects. Unfortunately, for now the OS in beta, which will have its premiere on September 30.

  LastPass has removed the vulnerability from the password manager. Chrome and Opera users can breathe a sigh

Exploiting the vulnerability requires physical contact with the device

Fortunately, the vulnerability requires physical contact with the phone. No one will break in using it and applying the virus via the Internet, so there is no reason to be unduly concerned. Unless you're talking about the victims of theft.

Last year's Apple deficiency is also not the first fault in this area. iPhone 11 with the new iOS is the latest example of Apple's long list of problems. Bypassing the device lock was possible already in 2013 for iOS 6.1. Then you could view even more information, because in addition, iPhones could show a list of conversations or photos.

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