browser for players reduces the consumption of CPU, RAM and connection

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Opera GX was created for players. It is still available in the trial version, but it has already completed over a million downloads. The browser attracts with unusual features, from the possibility of limiting its appetite for computer resources to displaying information about the upcoming game premieres.

First of all: do not disturb

Opera GX's unique features include reduced CPU and RAM usage to make more resources available for the game. A connection restriction has just added to these settings. The new Opera GX will not disturb network games or streaming. As with other resources, you can enable the limiter at any time and set the maximum allowable transfer for Opera GX.

Thanks to this, if you listen to music from YouTube or stream the series while playing online, you don't have to worry about unexpected delays. If you stream your game live simultaneously, you can further reduce the needs of Opera GX. In the menu you will find several predefined limit values.

Second: inform

Opera GX will help you stay up to date with the gaming world, even if you don't have time to follow the news. In the new version, a calendar has been introduced with all the premieres whose date is already known. Dates are added manually by the GX Opera team. The calendar was placed in GX Corner.

In addition, there is more and more information about games and promotions in GX Corner.

Third: cooperate

Twitch support in Opera GX allows you to display notifications when the broadcast begins on the watched channel. The new version of Opera GX also provides better integration with Twitch and provides more information about broadcasts. The browser allows you to adjust the appearance of the channels you follow and provides the ability to filter. You'll also see game titles in the list that your favorite channels are currently playing.

Integration with the Razer Chroma backlight system has also been improved (Vivaldi also has it). The illuminated mouse or keyboard will adopt a set of colors that you choose for your browser in the settings. Transitions between colors have been smoothed, and a new fading effect has been added.

If you like something or would like to suggest a change, you can send your feedback to Opera. Buttons for this have appeared in many places in the browser for players.

Opera GX is only available for Windows. The current issue is for testing purposes.

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