Firefox got its own VPN (although Mozilla doesn't call it that)

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Firefox has gained another feature that will allow better protection of privacy. Last week, clever tracker blocking and movie mute were introduced. Now Firefox has gained the Firefox Private Network add-on (this is not another ProtonVPN advertisement).

Firefox Private Network – Mozilla doesn't say it's a VPN

According to Mozilla, Firefox Private Network is a "secure, encrypted path to the internet." It's basically a VPN, but Mozilla doesn't use that name for some reason. Firefox's private network is part of Test Pilot, which has recently been brought back to life. The new incarnation of Test Pilot is to focus on protecting privacy. Experiments with the interface (vertical cards) or file sharing have been abandoned.

Mozilla recommends using Firefox Private Network especially when using public WiFi networks. The network also works as an additional protection against tracking for targeted advertising. You just have to remember that the VPN works at the browser level and will not protect traffic from other programs – for this you need to invest in a separate application.

For now only in the USA

The Firefox Private Network extension is currently in testing. Beta is available to people using the internet in the US on desktops and laptops.

Mozilla announces that the Firefox Private Network extension will be available for free for some time. So we can expect Mozilla's VPN to be paid in the future. This is in line with earlier announcements of premium paid services for Firefox users. The offer is expected to appear in October.

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