Microsoft Surface Earbuds, i.e. headphones with a touchpad for integration with Office

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Everyone must have their own wireless flea. Fashion, which began with Apple along with its AirPodami, is slowly passing on to other manufacturers. It was a matter of time until Microsoft was also interested in this market. It happened in a very unconventional style.

Surface Earbuds headphones, because we are talking about them here, are not even strictly speaking. They are not, because apart from the sound reproduction function, they perform a whole range of other tasks. Thanks to the built-in microphones they can be used for conversations. This, however, offers everyone, right? But the touch panels placed on the housing are definitely unexpected.

As Microsoft presented, trackpad can be used to control various software. Not only with music players like Spotify, but also with Office 365, for example. For example, you can show how you can flip slides in Powerpoint with a swipe of your finger.

Of course, Surface Earpods are offered in a set with a case that also acts as an energy bank. The manufacturer boasted a battery sufficient for 24 hours. listening, although he did not specify whether it was about the battery capacity of the cassette or the headphones themselves.

The accessory is supposed to pair with devices equipped with Windows 10 single click. It will go to stores before the next Christmas for $ 249.

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