TSMC retaliation at GlobalFundries. The patent war of chip manufacturers continues

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At the end of August, GlobalFundries accused TSMC of violating 16 patents. Now the situation is reversed and it is TSMC that GF has infringed as many as 25 patents. Was the war beginning between these two giants producing chips?

In the last week of the holiday, GlobalFoundries announced that TSMC is infringing patents relating to FinFET technology in several manufacturing processes from 28 nm to 7 nm. The company would like to block the sale of products created by TSMC in the USA and Germany. The matter could also affect TSMC's partners who use its products or even have their production transferred there (no own factories or too low own capacity).

GlobalFoundries wants to nibble at TSMC

The company is undergoing restructuring due to poor results and wants to stand out again. Without exaggeration, GF won't fail. It would like to rebuild its former power, which it also lost to TSMC. His move shows that GlobalFundries is not afraid of a bigger competitor.

Now there has been a sort of scuffle. TSMC replied with a similar complaint. The problem would reach even deeper, because we are not talking about 16, but 25 patents related to several production processes from 40 nm to 12 nm. While GlobalFoundries would only like to suspend trading in products, TSMC concludes that the infringements have resulted in large financial losses.

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TSMC goes further in its counter-complaints

The actions are so much stronger that there is no question of no admission to circulation on selected markets, and even about the discontinuation of the production of all products that would be in conflict with patents not owned by GF and owned by TSMC.

Both companies think they are fine and the other side should not blame them. TSMC has already announced that it is ready for a court battle. GlobalFoundries said a bit more strongly about the subject, which believes that it is an attempt to intimidate and exploit the dominant position by TSMC.

The dispute is high-level moves and in fact the gameplay is between giants of the production of integrated circuits, but it is a bit like a scuffle of children. "You pointed out something to me, and I haven't been so rude to you so far. I'll tell you something too! "We don't know yet what final the patent dispute will have, though it would be strange if the companies blocked each other so much. You can hope for a settlement sooner. Too many IT companies have their production at GF and TSMC.

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