Which free antivirus should I choose? TOP 5

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A good antivirus program is the security of our data. A suitable anti-virus class not only detects malware, but also provides a much wider range of protection. The choice is very large. Many such programs are paid, but we also find a free antivirus program that will provide us with a satisfactory degree of computer security. So what free antivirus should I choose? What antivirus on Windows 10, and what for other operating systems?

In this article, you’ll find:

  • Antivirus paid or free?
  • When should you pay for a paid anti-virus program?
  • When to choose a free antivirus program?
  • Which free antivirus should I choose?

Antivirus paid or free?

First, however, let’s make sure that the free version will meet all our expectations. One often hears opinions that leading, free anti-viruses are not much inferior in terms of the effectiveness of paid programs. There is some truth in this, but it is worth considering whether we want to risk that this small difference will allow a dangerous virus to slip through security on our computer?

When to choose a free anti-virus?

However, if we mainly keep videos, family photos and less important files on the computer, then we can stay with the free solution without any major concerns.

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It is also worth noting that paid anti-viruses most often offer a much wider range of services than just detecting malware. In addition, their producers offer technical support for their clients. Free version users can often seek help only on online forums.

avast! Free Antivirus

If you use anti-virus only for non-commercial use, then this program is a hit. In addition to excellent results in independent performance tests, you can also count on frequent updates, which is the basis for a good antivirus activity. The program’s advantages include scan during boot, analysis of behavior of running processes, control of scripts on pages, or analysis of data downloaded via P2P network. Noteworthy is also a legible and user-friendly reporting system.

Comodo AntiVirus

The big advantage of this program is the ability to use it for commercial purposes. So it is an excellent, free antivirus for the company. It is very effective in detecting threats, and at the same time does not significantly reduce the computer’s performance. At our disposal is, among others firewall, game mode and the ability to create rules for suspicious files. Another advantage is the frequently appearing updates. The program’s operation is very intuitive and even a novice user will quickly find interesting options. It is an antivirus recommendable for free.

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Kaspersky Free

This program has recently become loud due to the alleged connections with Russian intelligence. Despite everything, it still remains one of the best, free antivirus programs. The program provides a very good degree of protection against malware, phishing or spyware. We have a quarantine function at our disposal. The program works quickly without encumbering computer resources.

Sophos Mobile Security

Excellent anti-virus for Android. Its high effectiveness has been confirmed in many independent tests. Not only does it greatly deal with virus detection, it also protects our passwords, filters spam and gives you the ability to control access to applications. We can also better control access to our data. It is a free, fast antivirus program, but at the same time it does not overload the system. Noteworthy is also a transparent and nice interface. The program perfectly protects mobile devices.

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