Google Play with a new look. The app store will be nicer and more readable

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For some time now, Google has been refreshing the look and feel of its applications and websites to comply with Material Design 2.0 design language guidelines. The Play Store was also under the knife.

9to5Google editors have slightly buried the Google Play APK file, thanks to which they have successfully activated the new interface stitched in the application code.

A comparison of the new and old look of Google Play

This site has published a number of screenshots of the refreshed Play Stores. I made a handful of screenshots of the current interface to make the changes more visible.

The main application screen has been deprived of the green background in the upper part, and the individual interface elements are smaller and more compact. Google also removed the distinctive cards that visually separated all sections. A new feature is the navigation bar at the bottom, and the text at the top gives a clear signal that the search engine is located here.

From the application view, the cover filling the upper part of the panel disappeared, and screenshots were moved over the description of the app. The “Install” button is also wider and more visible.

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The installation process is now signaled by the ring surrounding the application icon, not the progress bar.

The gray separators that separate applications have disappeared from the list. Almost all displayed elements are smaller, but the space between them is larger, so that the position fits less.

The entire interface is more minimalist and transparent and filled with rounded elements. In other words – Material Design 2.0 in all its glory.

For now, it is not known when the new Google Play will reach users
9to5Google notes that some interface elements are simply unfinished. It may take several weeks (or even months) before we can see the new version of the Store.

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Of course, Google can also modify or delete changes made.

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