Microsoft Edge will receive a built-in page translation feature

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Tests are already underway. It seems that Microsoft will follow in the footsteps of Google on yet another issue related to its browser, and specifically add to the embedded embedded translator for the pages. Reddit reveals the first graphics showing the operation of this feature and it looks like we will get a solution similar to the one that has been offered for a long time by the Chrome browser.

Full-page translation is by default only available in the Google program – in the rest of popular browsers you must install the appropriate plug-in. It was the same with the usual Edge based on EdgeHTML and Chakra engines, although it was not without problems, which you can read about by reviewing the opinions about the application in the Microsoft store. It seems that the entity has decided to change the approach and instead of requiring the installation of an additional plugin, it will offer an embedded translator in the new Edge.

This is the result of the graphics made available at Reddit, depicting the latest test version of the Microsoft browser. Unfortunately, this option should be available only to selected users, so you probably will not be able to check it in the near future. However, the assumptions are simple – Microsoft Translate will offer a translation of the website when it detects that the website is displayed in a language other than our default language. You can also call the translation by selecting it from the quick access list.

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725/5000For some people, the ability to easily translate websites is extremely important and it is because of this that they continue to use the Google application. Many plugins for other browsers do not always deal with the translation of entire pages or are simply used as a link to Google Translate. Edge with Microsoft Translator will be an interesting alternative to Chrome, at least in this particular respect. The other thing is that the mere presence of a translator in the desktop version of the program makes so much sense that in the mobile version, exactly the same function is available for some time. It would be very strange if both editions of the program, using the same engine (Blink), differed from each other with the availability of such an important option.

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