Google Duplex will go to Chrome. Time to test the new generation web assistant

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Google Duplex will go to Google Chrome. Thus, the tests of the "new generation web assistant" will start, as announced by the manufacturer during the Google I / O conference in May this year.

It's about the extended version of Google Assistant, which is used to automate some tasks on your smartphone. Google Duplex was first announced last year and already made a huge impression.

The presentation showed how the software is able to call the restaurant on behalf of the user to reserve a table. Since then, the feature appeared in the first devices in the United States.

Now Google goes a step further. As announced during Google I / O 2019, Duplex will go online. Chrome users on Android will therefore be able to use the Assistant for web search activities. As an example, the option of booking a car at the rental company is given.

Google reports that Duplex will go to the browser later this year. The option will be available on Android for US and UK users who use the English Assistant. The machine will allow you to start ordering cinema tickets and booking vehicles at rental companies.

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