iPhones 11 diverge on the trunk. Increase in the value of shares of parts suppliers

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It seems that the iPhone 11 – as expected by analysts – is becoming a market hit. – I can't be happier right now – says Tim Cook in an interview with Bild.

Apple's CEO does not want to reveal specific numbers, but does not hide his joy from the very fruitful, as he claims, premiere. Indicates that the sale of the iPhone 11 exceeds expectations, and it is especially good in India and China, where so far older generation models and Android devices have dominated.

According to Cook, the best confirmation of the success of the iPhone 11 is the constantly growing stock market valuation of companies supplying parts to it. Siltronic, which provides some of the controllers, increased the value of shares by over 3%. Infineon, ASML and STMicro, on the other hand, recorded 1% each, although until their release eleven they were characterized by a downward trend.

They followed the blow

One must admit to the Cupertino company: it brilliantly followed the blow. The iPhone XR, after a slight false start, was the best-selling smartphone of the first half of the year, and the iPhone 11 has a clearly better camera and debuted at a price lower by 50 dollars. from its predecessor. Castling in naming is of considerable importance here. The cheaper model is no longer the worse, but it appears as regular – and the full version is something extra.

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You can not agree with Apple on the issue of approach to software or criticize for cutting costs, an example of which is the use of the LCD screen mouse in the iPhone 11 model. However, you cannot deny commercial talent.

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